Pivot Expert Coach Guy Spriggs
Guy Spriggs, Pivot Expert

Guy Spriggs is an experienced pivot advisor. He’s done it himself in his own companies, he’s helped others do it, and he shares his experience and knowledge with small business owners.

A change of direction, to something new, better, stronger.

Discover your hidden strengths

Is there gold hidden inside your business that you’re not exploiting? Let us help you evaluate and maybe re-purpose your expertise, hidden business assets and opportunities.

Adapt to changing conditions

Every business serves a market and all markets change over time. You must see changes coming and be ready to adapt. A pivot advisor can recommend a new business model based on market potential, combined with your own sound knowledge of your own strengths and potential.

Practical steps

As an independent pivot expert, Guy can help you identify opportunity, see where it could take you, plan some practical tests to explore the opportunities, and evaluate the costs and benefits of change.

Change isn’t always easy. You will find it easier and quicker to do this with the help of a sparring partner, a person who looks with an independent perspective.

Is a pivot the right move?

It comes down to understanding your external circumstances (the market potential) and your internal strengths (core competence, specialist knowledge or assets).

If you can identify those correctly, you can explore your options for growth:

  • continue as you are
  • make some small tweaks, prototype tests, marketing
  • make a dramatic change, maybe using hidden strengths or acquiring new ones
  • “fail fast” – meaning, if there’s no hope, then get out fast and start all over again

Pivot examples

  • Youtube was meant to be a video dating site. Netflix started out renting DVDs by post (it still does). Twitter was meant to be a podcast service.
  • Ever heard of Glitch or Game Never-ending? Stewart Butterfield pivoted and turned them into Slack and Flickr.
  • Snowdevil was a snowboard shop; it became Shopify.
  • See more examples from Ramillas

Can we help you?

Are you facing a change in the market conditions? Difficult times since Covid are making you re-evaluate your business? Do you need help setting new priorities, or understanding your strengths and the potential of the market you serve? Or do you want to find a new market to serve?

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He understood my challenges and hurdles very well, encouraged me, and helped me choose the right direction.

Bobby Bahov, AI Lab

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