Coaching and consultancy

  • A tech company in growth phase, after domestic success with its innovative educational materials for school children, expanded into the Spanish market. Ramillas helped with organisational and marketing advice to CEO and marketing director.
  • An integrated sw/hw business, with unique engineering know-how, re-organised its internal procedures, enabling it to focus on its strengths better. Better organisation helped it to identify opportunity and win a big new public contract. Mentoring/Coaching the COO.
  • A co-working platform grew faster, by integrating its business into the existing infrastructure of the general market. Growth hacking strategies and business coaching with the founders.
  • An events organiser gained insight into its options for a sale of the business. Coaching the business owner.
  • A specialised architecture firm developed new ways to serve its clients. Business development and strategy.
  • A wholesale fashion distributor re-organised and created a new revenue stream from under-used internal resources. Mentoring the business owner.
  • An IT services company prepared for merger/acquisition, by splitting services and products into separate units, to gain transparency and to improve results. Mentoring the CEO for strategy.
  • A tourism startup achieved rapid and sustained growth with its smartphone app. Coaching the CEO with business development for growth.
  • An SEO and online marketing specialist succeeded in resolving operational problems to enable its international expansion. Mentoring the CEO.
  • The CEO of a failing IT services company was able to close the business and reduce costs in a managed way. Clients were not left without support and help was given to personnel to find new jobs. Mentoring the CEO.
  • The manager of a ticketing software company improved the terms of its international partnership. Coaching the co-founder.
  • Investors in a startup jobs app requested analysis and strategic advice about their app’s commercial future. They avoided investing and losing more money.
  • An AI services startup developed “growth hacking” materials for approaching new customers. Coaching the founder.
  • NLGroeit.nl, coaching small and medium size companies on behalf of the Dutch government
  • Ship2B, coaching and investment in social enterprise companies
  • Conector, coaching and investment in tech startups

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